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We’re proud to be one of the nation’s largest asset-based truckload carriers by revenue, providing services throughout the U.S. and across North America. We excel at the trucking business, because we are more than a trucking company. We are a solutions company powered as much by brainpower as by horsepower. Together, over 10,000 of our problem-solvers ensure your freight moves as efficiently and safely as possible.

A history of looking to the future.

When Max Fuller and Patrick Quinn founded US Xpress in 1986, they began with a modest fleet of just 48 trucks. More importantly, they brought a fresh, new perspective that emphasized custom solutions and personalized customer service, delivered by insightful and motivated experts. This new way of thinking quickly resonated with customers. In fact, just one year later Inc. magazine hailed US Xpress as one of the fastest-growing privately held truckload carriers in the country.

Our leadership was also eager to harness the power of technology for the good of our customers and our employees. US Xpress was one of the first truckload carriers to fully integrate satellite communications aboard the fleet.

Also, we were proud to be early adopters of such life-saving technologies as roll stability, disc brakes, and accident avoidance systems. In addition, US Xpress’ fresh perspective included leading the industry in “thinking green.” We were awarded for the second time the SmartWay Environmental Excellence Award for reducing pollution and greenhouse gasses.

By staying true to our core ideals, US Xpress has achieved exponential growth. In fact, we surpassed $1 billion in annual revenue faster than any truckload carrier in history. In the process, our fleet has grown from those original 48 trucks to 7,000 tractors and 15,500 trailers. And the innovative spirit that first launched US Xpress is now fueled by over 10,000 solutions-minded problem- solvers—including a new generation of Fullers and Quinns. So no matter what new challenges the future may bring, U can count on US.

A new generation of visionary leadership

Because of the volatile tendencies of the trucking industry, many truckload carriers only plan one or two years ahead. Under the leadership of President and CEO Eric Fuller, we are planning for a decade or more down the road. We’re confident in our investments, our strategy, and, most of all, the team we’ve built to evolve towards a true digital transportation solutions provider designed to make goods move better every day.

Eric Fuller

President & CEO

In 2016, Eric took over for his father, Max Fuller, as President & CEO of U.S. Xpress Enterprises, Inc. In 2018, he led the company through its initial public offering on the New York Stock Exchange and, beginning in 2019, built two new operating models from the ground up: a first-of-its-kind digital fleet, Variant, on the asset side, and Xpress Technologies, our reimagined brokerage division, on the third-party capacity side.

Passionate about technology, he continues to build an innovative culture that streamlines the value chain for U.S. Xpress customers, improves the overall driver experience, and transforms U.S. Xpress into a true digital transportation solutions provider. These efforts include significant investments in the future of the trucking industry, such as autonomous trucking and fuel cell technology.

Eric also guides the company in corporate responsibility with the goals to reduce our carbon footprint by 60% over the next 15 years, double our community involvement by 2025, and devote time and resources to creating a diverse, inclusive workplace.

A staunch advocate for the trucking industry, Eric lobbies for a range of regulations that promote safety and environmental responsibility and serves on the board of directors for both the American Trucking Associations and the Trucking Alliance, a trucking safety advocacy group.

Eric Peterson

Chief Financial Officer

Eric has served in multiple roles during his career with U.S. Xpress, including Director of Accounting, Vice President of Accounting, and Senior Vice President of Accounting and Finance. As Chief Financial Officer, he plays a vital role in streamlining company processes, maintaining investor and analyst relations, and driving strategic initiatives, including the goal of doubling our revenue in the next four years.

Max Fuller

Co-Founder & Executive Chairman

Max is widely respected within the trucking industry as a true innovator, evidenced by his award for innovation from the Smithsonian Institute in 2000. Under his leadership, U.S. Xpress became the second largest privately-owned truckload carrier in the nation, surpassing $1 billion in annual revenue in 2004. As Executive Chairman, he remains a full-time executive officer, focusing on long-term strategy, industry innovation, talent development, and equipment.

In addition to guiding U.S. Xpress to the forefront of the industry, he serves the community on several Boards of Directors and regularly accepts requests to share his insights at speaking engagements, including lending his expertise to presentations to the National Transportation Safety Board and the Department of Transportation.

Joel Gard

President of Xpress Technologies

Joel serves as President of Xpress Technologies, the brokerage division of U.S. Xpress Enterprises, Inc. With innovative technology and a talented, dynamic team, Xpress Technologies is honing a new business model that transcends traditional brokerage, driving efficiencies through the supply chain. Under his leadership, brokerage revenue has seen steady increases as the division reimagines the digital brokerage experience.

Before joining the team in 2019, Joel spent nearly eight years at Coyote Logistics, where he served in various leadership positions as the company scaled both domestically and abroad. As the Head of Europe, Joel was responsible for coordinating Coyote's entry into Europe in late 2016, crafting the launch strategy, leading mergers and acquisitions, and heading organic scale-up efforts on the ground. Under his leadership, Coyote Europe expanded to offer transportation solutions in over 30 European countries within 18 months of launch, tripling revenues during that time.

Cameron Ramsdell

President of Variant

Cameron serves as President of the company’s new digital fleet, Variant. Under his leadership, Variant has halved driver turnover compared to the industry standard, improved utilization by 20% per truck, decreased preventable accidents to nearly half that of other fleets, and created a model that functions with five times more trucks per operational employee. Variant is expected to account for 25% of the company’s overall revenue by the end of 2021.

Prior to joining Variant in 2019, Cameron served as Chief Technology Officer at Coyote Logistics, where he gained extensive experience in operations, sales, brokerage, mergers and acquisitions, international expansion, and the application of technology in logistics. He also led Coyote’s Strategy group, where he was responsible for the company’s expansion into Mexico and Europe.

Amanda Thompson

Chief People Officer

As Chief People Officer, Amanda oversees Human Resources, including Total Rewards, Employee Relations, Talent Development, Talent Acquisition, and Retention and Policy Creation. She loves finding innovative ways to recruit, retain, and motivate talent, thriving on collaboration to find smart, innovative people from all over the country, ensuring we have the right talent in the right roles at the right time. Unlike many traditional trucking companies, Amanda and her team not only look for enthusiastic self-starters, but also people with advanced degrees in machine learning, artificial intelligence, and deep data analytics.

In today’s capacity crunch, Amanda focuses heavily on finding new, innovative ways of recruiting experienced drivers, including the recent launch of two major initiatives: an AI recruiting bot in partnership with Paradox, and a “Text to Refer” program open to current U.S. Xpress drivers. In doing so, she’s helping drive efficiencies for the Recruiting team, simplifying the referral process for drivers, making applying easier, and ultimately hiring more drivers to help us make goods move better every day.

Danna Bailey

Chief Brand Officer

In her role as Chief Brand Officer, Danna defines and elevates the U.S. Xpress brand and leads the introduction of new business units, like Variant and Xpress Technologies. As the company continues to evolve into a true digital transportation solutions provider, she is responsible for communicating the brand vision internally and externally, ensuring all business units align with the company’s core ethos – to make goods move better every day.

Danna is an expert in convening people from multiple disciplines to create optimal results on significant company initiatives, including new driver recognition programs, an intranet designed just for U.S. Xpress drivers, a first-of-its-kind college scholarship program for drivers and their families, and a successful initial public offering on the New York Stock Exchange in 2018.

Nathan Harwell

Chief Legal Officer

Since joining U.S. Xpress in early 2020, Nathan has brought expertise in litigation, business development, labor and employment, intellectual property, and strategic planning. With a rise in nuclear verdicts and massive increases in federally mandated liability insurance, he is responsible for maneuvering today’s volatile landscape of trucking insurance, as well as providing strategic leadership and coordination of all legal matters.

Nathan puts a significant emphasis on safety, now heading the Legal, Risk, and Safety departments. Under his leadership, the company is investing heavily in safety technology, including forward-facing cameras, disc brakes, and hair follicle drug testing of all drivers, delivering a 20% year-over-year improvement in overall accident count in 2020. Nathan continues to look for even more opportunities to make meaningful safety improvements both for the sake of our drivers and others on the road.

Bob Pischke

Chief Information Officer

Bob has more than 30 years of expertise in business intelligence, supply chain, e-commerce, and business transformation through digitization. Since he joined U.S. Xpress in 2019, he nearly tripled the size of his team, quickly improved efficiencies for customers, and reduced stress for drivers by launching the company’s “frictionless order” initiative—automating, optimizing, and simplifying dozens of cumbersome processes. In doing so, he and his team reduced customer, driver, and shipper touchpoints by over 12 million per year. And counting. Under Bob’s leadership, the company’s IT team was named as one of the CIO 100 in 2021 – an honor spotlighting the world’s most innovative companies.

Justin Harness

President of Dedicated Operations

Over the past 20 years at U.S. Xpress, Justin has contributed to the company in nearly every aspect of operations, including customer service, load planning, field operations, and sales. He now leads the Dedicated business unit, a primary driver of overall revenue. He’s charged with decreasing operating ratio and contributing to the overall goal of doubling company revenue by 2025.

Justin is responsible for hundreds of office employees in locations across the country, thousands of professional drivers who collectively log over 200 million miles per year, and customer relationships with Fortune 500 companies like Walmart, Target, and Dollar General.

Jake Lawson

Chief Commercial Officer

Jake joined U.S. Xpress in 2021 from Whirlpool, where he held roles leading sales, merchandising, product development, and e-commerce for popular products like refrigeration, cooking, dishwashers, laundry machines, and more, including leading sales and marketing for the company's largest customer, Lowe's.

He now serves as Chief Commercial Officer, bringing his passion for establishing strong customer partnerships, identifying value propositions critical for success, and elevating what sets U.S. Xpress apart – the technology and innovation that help us move goods better every day. In doing so, Jake plays a critical role in achieving our goal of doubling overall revenue in the next four years by driving performance and efficiency, leading our Sales, Pricing, and Customer Engagement teams, and maintaining customer relationships with Fortune 500 companies, including Walmart, Home Depot, Dollar General, and more.


Total Transportation of Mississippi is a dry-van truckload carrier that offers expedited, dedicated and brokerage services and is a partner company of US Xpress. Total’s service standards are second to none in the industry, and the company is continually searching for new ways to improve service to our customers. All members of the Total team – drivers, contractors, managers, clerks and mechanics—take pride in providing reasonable rates and dependable deliveries. The company is focused on the safety of its employees, equipment and the general public.

Total Transportation—proud affiliate of U.S. Xpress

Total Transportation of Mississippi is a dry-van truckload carrier that offers expedited, dedicated and brokerage services and partner company of U.S. Xpress. Total’s service standards are second to none in the industry, and the company is continually searching for new ways to improve service to our customers. All members of the Total team – drivers, contractors, managers, clerks and mechanics – take pride in providing reasonable rates and dependable deliveries. The company is focused on the safety of its employees, equipment and the general public.

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