U.S. Xpress honors 149 professional drivers for 218 million safe miles

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A history-making four 4 Million Milers were recognized during the annual celebration of major safe driving milestones.

Chattanooga, Tenn. (May 12, 2023) – U.S. Xpress recently honored 149 professional truck drivers for more than 218 million combined miles of safe driving. This group of elite drivers hit these safe driving milestones during the 2022 calendar year, and were honored this week in an awards ceremony in downtown Chattanooga, Tennessee, and a reception at the company’s headquarters.

“Every year, we look forward to celebrating the professional drivers who are the backbone of our company,” said U.S. Xpress President and CEO Eric Fuller. “These professionals all have decades of experience in making goods move better, and it’s a privilege to bring them together for a few days of recognition and celebration.”

This year, U.S. Xpress celebrated a history-making four 4 Million Milers:

Randy Earl: A back-to-back over-the-road Team Driver of the Year winner, Randy is a longtime trainer who has helped launch successful careers for lots of other professional drivers.

Guy Moore: A professional driver for U.S. Xpress for 27 years, Guy has teamed with his wife, Linda Brown, for 20 years.

Robert and Kendra Kennedy: This husband-and-wife duo have been driving together for nearly 30 years, and have been with U.S. Xpress all that time.

In addition, U.S. Xpress honored 14 professional drivers who have driven 3 million safe miles, and 29 drivers for driving 2 million safe miles. Also recognized were seven Drivers of the Year, and one Trainer of the Year.

It takes about a decade of moving goods safely to earn Million Miler status. To put the miles in perspective, 1 million miles is equal to about 40 times around the Earth, or more than four trips to the moon and back.

The Million Miler celebration is a two-day event hosted by U.S. Xpress for drivers and their guests, which has been a company tradition since 1995. In addition to the awards ceremony, drivers were celebrated by office employees in an Honored Driver Walk of Fame and breakfast at company headquarters followed by an afternoon of activities and socializing in downtown Chattanooga with office staff and company leadership. Each driver also received a personalized award and company merchandise, including Million Miler jackets.

This year’s honored drivers are:

Guy Moore
Kendra Kennedy
Randy Earl
Robert Kennedy
Carol Bell
Charles Lemmons
Domingo Sanchez
Donavon Cooper
Donet Benwarisingh
Herman Littig Jr
Jimmy Caudill
Lewis Benwarisingh
Linda Brown
Sita Sierra
Timothy Keiter
Tolly Taliaferro
Tracasa Cooper
William Siters
Alvin Wilkerson
Andy Jones
Angela Werstler
Anthony Partsch
Benjamin Screeton
Brian Leighton
Christopher Mosley
Christopher Ratliff
Cindy Day
Eric Faris
Gerald Christine
Gregory Martin
James Hoover
James Sargent
Jerry Werstler
Jimmy Lewis
Jose Sanchez
Kristopher Leslie
Mark Shaffer
Marvin Marshall
Michael Buchanan
Michael Perdue
Mickey Russell
Ralpheal Grant
Richard Black
Tameka Burnley
Toriano Herron
Vickie Littig
Wayne Williams
Abdelhamid Machkour
Allen Ransom
Alonzo Evans III
Angelica Noe
Anthony Johnson
Anthony Woods
Archie Perry Jr
Billie Green
Carlos Cubera
Charles Snow
Christopher Mchone
Corey Buesch
Crucito Cordero
Daniel Hookman
Danny Williams
Dante Boyd
Darryl Daniels
David Decoux Jr
Dean Decoy
Dian Howell
Donald Dawkins
Donya Tapley
Emmett Coats
Ernest Worden
Frank Staszak
Frederick Smalls
Garrien Williams
Gary Lavigne
Gary Statler
Gonzalo Diaz
Gregory Pridham
Hector Vazquez Reyes
Heith Hawkins
Jeffrey Haney
Jeffrey Mcminn
Jenea Fields
Jesse Brown Jr
Jesus Llanas Jr
Joe Carnell
John Lofland
Jonathan Smith
Joseph Garreau III
Joshua Adams
Joshua Hendrix
Kanin Hurn
Keith Reinink
Kenneth Belson
Kenneth Davis
Kernel Reid
Kevin Evans
Kordell Richardson
Leonardo Carvalho
Marcus Mason
Mark Kennedy
Martin Kunz
Marvin Frilling
Michael Carter
Michael Deger
Michael Hufham
Michael Jones
Milton Contreras
Pedro Mondaca
Phillip Householder
Randolph Walters
Raul Delgado
Robert Drumm
Robert Fouty
Robert Hall
Rohan Wehby
Scott Simons
Seng Kreal
Skylar King
Staci Bruneau
Stephen Chillis
Steven Armstrong
Steven Dounouk
Steven Jackson
Susan Yungandreas
Suzanne Wylie
Ted Vandusen
Terry Peterson
Thomas Hughes
Thomas Randall
Travis Getro
Veronica Alexander
Warren Hurn
Wayne Redding
William Dennis
William Long
Willie Shaw Jr

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