Corporate Responsibility

While we’re one of the nation’s largest asset-based truckload carriers, we’re also investing in innovative technology that broadens our supply chain portfolio. Additionally, we’re investing in our people, our communities and our environment. We’re devoted to being a responsible corporate citizen and doing our part – both now and in the years to come.


On the road, as well as in our shops and offices, U.S. Xpress operates with a consciousness of environmental responsibility with an aggressive goal of reducing our carbon footprint 60% by 2035.


We know the importance and power of people. So, it’s a priority for us to serve and engage with our communities, particularly on issues pertaining to safety and wellbeing, military veterans’ programs, education and innovation, as well as families and health. By 2025, we’re aiming to double our community engagement.

Diversity & Inclusion

With a diverse team from different cultures, backgrounds and experiences, we value our differences and place a focus on developing a culture of inclusiveness throughout the organization. In 2021, we’re committed to establishing at least three employee resource groups to better support often-marginalized segments of our workforce.


To merit public trust and confidence, as well as for the well-being of all employees, we have set high standards for the actions of our Board of Directors, executive management, and all other team members.

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