Recession-proof products need can-do shipping

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U.S. Xpress finds new ways to get goods to shelves for a longtime customer.

The pandemic created huge demand for consumer and personal goods, and manufacturers had to get creative to move those goods on time despite supply chain challenges. For one U.S. Xpress shipper, a tight partnership that offers flexible options for moving goods better gets that job done.

“This client needed more capacity, and they allowed us to be as flexible and creative as possible,” said Merideth Lewis, vice president of sales for U.S. Xpress. “The nature of their business is recession-proof. People don’t stop buying household and personal products.”

This major manufacturer needed the predictability and scale of an asset-based carrier and the array of creative capacity solutions offered by our Xpress Technologies division. U.S Xpress brought all of those tools to the table, along with consistent connections to our Customer Experience and Sales Teams.

“There’s such value in the relationship – there was a mutual understanding that we were in this situation together, we’ve gotta figure this out,” Meredith said.

To meet growing demand for their products, this manufacturer opened a new distribution facility in the Southwest which grew their transportation network. They were moving more goods closer to customer destinations, which was great for getting products to shelves faster. Our team identified power-only services to meet the on-time delivery expectations.

In partnership with the Xpress Technologies brokerage group at U.S. Xpress, Merideth and her team identified opportunities to offer power-only services to the customer, which authorized other carriers to haul U.S. Xpress trailers loaded with their goods.

The relationship with this customer has been in place for years, but as the challenges in the consumer goods industry have evolved, the solutions U.S. Xpress offers have evolved along with them, Merideth said.

“They are team-minded and collaborative when they task us to fix a problem,” Merideth said. “That’s a good recipe for a partnership that keeps business moving.”

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