Three solutions to fill in the capacity gaps

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Moving your goods doesn’t have to feel like an unsolvable puzzle. Custom solutions get the job done.  

We hear it from shippers all the time: Getting goods moved is a hassle. Too often, carriers don’t have the solution you need, or they try to pigeon-hole you into a solution that isn’t the right fit. Even worse, you can’t find the capacity you need, so you feel forced into a compromise with ill-fitting solutions. You’ve got to get goods moved, and finding the perfect fit can often delay your operation.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

U.S. Xpress has three distinct, yet complementary service offerings, and they can be paired, mixed, and matched together to create a curated capacity solution for you.

Unpredictability can throw a wrench in your entire supply chain. Dedicated solutions alleviate, and in some cases, eliminate that unpredictability with locked-in pricing, ending the days of fluctuating carrier rates that force you into constant budget adjustments. Dedicated provides guaranteed capacity, a reliable set of drivers that become an extension of your organization, and more dependability.

With Dedicated, you don’t have to worry about where your carrier will come from each day. We’ve already planned it out, so you can spend time running the business instead of chasing down trucks during a capacity crunch.

Over-the-road trucking
Our OTR offerings are customizable to fit your needs: solo drivers, teams, local and regional services, agents, and more. Artificial intelligence helps us plan and manage our fleet, find the routes and loads that make the most sense for you, and reduces inefficiencies so we can move goods like it’s never been done before. OTR trucking is our bread and butter – we’ve got 37 years of experience to back it up.

Modern brokerage like what we’ve developed with Xpress Technologies is embracing tech solutions that give carriers new tools to take the work out of managing their fleets and tracking their loads, which leads to expanded capacity for you. When powered by data science and machine learning, brokerage is a powerful option to move freight and expand capacity. All the freight acceptance, revenue management, and fleet management are in one place, creating a more transparent environment for both shippers (like you) and carriers.

Putting it all together
These three solutions can be mixed, matched, and paired together to suit your needs. Maybe you need more help from our Dedicated group, but demand the flexibility of supplementary capacity that brokerage provides. Maybe you’ve got goods headed out for a long trip – OTR can help. Between these three offerings, your capacity can be expanded infinitely, all with the white-glove support you deserve.

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