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U.S. Xpress 2021 Giving Infographic

We’re proud of our hard-working teams here at the U.S. Xpress family of companies and their focus on our mission of making goods move better every day. A key part of this family culture comes from our commitment to our communities and our people. As we wrap what was ultimately a challenging year in so many ways, we also celebrate giving back.

Early in 2021, we released our Corporate Responsibility Report which outlines metrics to strengthen community involvement and programs that support our nearly 10,000 team members through an inclusive workforce. Closing out the year, we’re celebrating some great achievements:

Community Partnerships
We place a priority on serving and engaging with the communities where we do business, particularly supporting organizations aligned with our four pillars of giving: safety and well-being, military veterans programs, education and innovation, and families and health. This year, we provided $114,200 in sponsorships and cash donations to more than 30 local, regional, and national organizations. Through our partnerships with customers like you, we also provided an additional $68,000 in in-kind donations to non-profits.

Employee Education & Giving
Since the 2018 launch of our Full Ride program, we’ve funded more than $1.1 million of coursework for nearly 850 team members and dependents. This year, we funded $294,000 for nearly 300 completed classes and an additional $73,000 in tuition reimbursement for our office employees pursuing continuing education.

Through our Xpress Cares program, employees can support fellow team members experiencing personal hardships through a company-matching contribution. Since the program’s 2016 inception, we’ve distributed more than $391,000 to 234 team members, and this year, Xpress Cares provided more than $82,000 to 39 employees.

Inclusion & Diversity
Just like our customers, U.S. Xpress is made up of a diverse population of employees from different cultures, backgrounds, and experiences. This year, we met our goal of establishing three employee resource groups (ERGs) to better support specific workforce segments. These groups include women’s, veteran’s, and multicultural ERGs, each with an executive sponsor and individual leadership. We also grew our existing Inclusion & Diversity Council and brought on our first chief inclusion partner. This team is working closely with our leadership and the Inclusion & Diversity Council to define goals, map strategies, and outline specific deliverables to becoming a more inclusive organization.

We’re proud to align with partners like you who share our commitment to giving back. If you have specific company giving initiatives you think we could help support, please reach out to your sales rep and they’ll connect you with our community partnerships team.

Cheers to a great 2021 and even better 2022!

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