Attention: We have learned of instances of fraud across our industry involving fake rate confirmations that resemble broker confirmations, including those from U.S. Xpress and Xpress Technologies. To ensure your rate confirmation is authentic, contact


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Quick access to tariff information for U.S. Xpress and our operating authorities is right at your fingertips.


Preferred Method of Payment

DOT Safety Rating

DOT Hazmat Certificate

Total Transportation of Mississippi, LLC Taxpayer ID

USX Tariff

Standard Truckload Bill of Lading (STBOL)

Brokerage Terms & Conditions

U.S. Xpress Inc. Certificate of Insurance

ICC Certificate

Tennessee Intrastate Certificate

Xpress Direct Taxpayer ID

U.S. Xpress Logistics Certificate of Insurance

Smartway Certificate

Xpress Direct Certificate of Insurance

ICC Contract Authority

U.S. Xpress Inc. Taxpayer ID

U.S. Xpress Logistics Taxpayer ID

Total Transportation Certificate of Insurance

CARB Certificate