The Xpress Technologies Web App has many avenues to manage your business better. Review the guide of our main menu options below. 

Main Menu

  • Loads – Everything related to managing a load will be in this section. Here you will be able to search for freight and manage your booked loads.
  • Fleet – Manage, edit, or add trucks and trailers.
  • Users – Manage permissions and add, edit, or remove users.
  • What’s New – Learn about the latest and greatest features released for the Web App.
  • All Available Loads – Search for new freight to book. 
  • Recommendations – Loads tailored specifically to you that are based on posted trucks or lanes you’ve created.
  • Offers – Hand-picked loads from a broker.
  • All Active Loads –Booked loads that are not completed.
  • Unassigned – All loads that need to be assigned to a Driver and Truck.
  • Assigned –Loads that have been assigned to a Driver and Truck but have not started their journey.
  • In Transit –Assigned loads that are in transit to the shipper or receiver.
  • Delivered – Loads that have left their final destination but are still pending payment.
  • All Completed Loads – Loads that have been finalized, delivered, and paid.
  • Load Filters – Narrow down your loads by applying different filters to the loads you’re viewing.
  • Load Table – A list of loads that you are currently viewing.