Four tips from industry pros to help your RFP process

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Time-tested strategies to ensure you’re maximizing your organization’s opportunities.

Bid season is here. It arrives quicker than expected every year, doesn’t it?

A successful bid sets your organization up for future success. Before you start sending out your request for proposals (RFPs), take time to understand your goals and how success is defined. It’s important to know your game plan before dealing with the details.

We asked some of our customers what tools or tips they use to make bid season a bit more efficient. Below are four common answers that kept bubbling to the surface. Thinking about your RFP game plan, keep these four tips in mind.

1) Be transparent
Communication is key. Explain any network frustrations upfront to ensure your carrier has all the information to craft a truly customized and beneficial solution proposal. The more information you provide, the better prepared the carrier is to support your goals.

2) Get a head start
Start negotiations early. If you can lock up a portion of your network with a select group of key carrier partners in advance of the RFP process, you will reduce stress and uncertainty. No one benefits from last second sourcing.

3) Be intentional with your feedback
Provide very specific feedback throughout the RFP process. Consider sharing where the carrier ranks relative to other submissions, the projected award based on the submission, and other important details. Carriers will likely be more inclined to adjust between rounds if the feedback provided appears reliable and transparent.

4) Familiarity helps
Consider connecting with your strategic partners (or even potential partners) regularly throughout the year. A consistent monthly cadence with open and honest dialogue builds and positively influences your partnerships. Partnerships ensure each party trusts and understands one another’s core competencies and long-range plans–like the ability provide drop trailers, data, seasonal surge solutions, or plans for growth.    

It’s a hectic season, but these tips can help you get the bids you’re seeking. Not only will you set your organization up for success, but your partners will also appreciate your preparedness, candor, and diligence.

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