How to find the right brokerage partner for you

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Brokerages are changing for the better. So how do you find the right partner?

Shippers’ concerns
We talk with shippers all day, every day, who are searching for a new way to handle the capacity crunch. It’s a straightforward recipe: freight volume + shipping speed = business success. How can something so straightforward become so mired in complexity, ambiguity, and complications? You need capacity, and you need it fast.

Utilizing brokerage to expand capacity can help your shipping operation, but there’s an age-old hesitancy to embrace brokerage rooted in real-world industry concerns: that it isn’t reputable, that you lose control and transparency over how your goods are moved, and that being further removed from the carrier means you can’t ensure on-time delivery. When your business is shipping, variability is your enemy.

A new way
When brokerage is reimagined with clever, modern ways of operating—utilizing hardware-enabled fleet management, data science, and load matching technology—a clear picture forms: there’s a better way to do brokerage that is ripe with predictability, reliability, and builds partnerships, not mere transactions.

Modern brokerage is finally embracing technology solutions that give carriers new tools to take the work out of managing their fleets and tracking their loads, which leads to expanded capacity for you. When powered by data science and load matching technology, brokerage is a powerful option to get freight moved and capacity expanded. All the freight acceptance, revenue management, and fleet management are in one place, creating a more transparent environment for both shippers (like you) and carriers.

So how do you find the new brokerages that are changing the game?

Three things to look for in a brokerage partner
There’s plenty to parse through when selecting the brokerage provider that’s best for you. What should you be looking for?

  • Modern platform – The world has moved online, and your brokerage should’ve by now, too. It’s a simple call—brokerages that aren’t embracing all the capabilities of modern technology and knowledge can’t compete with those that do. By ensuring your brokerage is up to snuff in the technology department, you won’t miss out on the benefits that come with the territory.

  • Tailored load suggestions for carriers – Speaking of which, one of the benefits to modern platforms is tailored load suggestions. When carriers are searching for loads, the most progressive and forward-thinking brokerages suggest loads to them (think about how Netflix suggests movies for you to watch). What does this mean for you? It means your loads aren’t going to be sitting on a load board waiting to be picked up. Your loads will be sent to carriers searching for the types of loads you’re offering, getting you the right capacity faster than ever.

  • Transparency – Does your brokerage give you the tools to keep track of your loads after a carrier picks them up? It’s a critical feature, one that can give you newfound visibility and peace of mind regarding the status of your freight. If you’re concerned about tracking loads through brokerage, this is your solution.

The bottom line
The issue is not that brokerage doesn’t work, it’s that the old way of doing it didn’t work. There’s a new way affording shippers predictability, reliability, and transparency as they get their goods moved. Finding those new brokerage options is tricky, but with a bit of industry info in your back pocket, you can choose the right brokerage partner for you with confidence.

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