Dedicated services case study: Everyone wins

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Locked-in rates? Guaranteed capacity? That’s what one customer found with a dedicated fleet.

Unpredictability can throw a wrench in a shipper’s entire supply chain. These problems can be alleviated, and in some cases, eliminated with a dedicated shipping solution.

Dedicated shipping solutions provide guaranteed capacity, a reliable set of drivers, and more dependability.

One of our customers, a large food manufacturer, faced frequent speed bumps from their service, plagued by the headaches of inconsistent or nonexistent service from their previous carrier. Having only used one-way carrier solutions, the company’s logistics operation lacked dependability. They needed a way to secure capacity on closed-loop routes – one for moving goods between interstate locations and one for regional store deliveries.

The company decided to partner with the U.S. Xpress Dedicated division’s streamlined services, which freed up their brainpower to focus on business-critical issues. Dedicated services were their ticket.

Now, the customer doesn’t have to worry about where their carrier will come from each day. We’ve already planned it out, so they can spend time running the business instead of chasing down trucks during a capacity crunch. Additionally, the customer enjoys locked-in rates, ending the days of fluctuating carrier rates which require constant budget adjustments.

Dedicated business solutions benefit all parties involved. The company’s warehouse employees developed a rapport with our drivers, who are exclusively dedicated to driving the routes for the customer. In turn, the customer invited drivers to park their trucks on-site, letting drivers maximize their hours of service.

Because of these proactive changes, the customer is happy, our drivers are happy, and their end-users are happy. It’s a win-win-win.

If a customized dedicated solution like this is a natural fit for your business needs, reach out to

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