Customers juggle dozens, if not hundreds, of emails every day to manage loads. And we know the world would be a better place if someone could suggest appointments to help streamline the workflow.

Introducing the new appointment portal from U.S. Xpress – an online platform created to do the work of scheduling appointments. No more emailing back and forth to plan and manage load times – the portal uses algorithms to suggest appointment times based on timing, hours of service, and more. So, customers just have to edit or confirm them. When the system identifies a new, unconfirmed appointment time, it will send the customer a message to jump into the appointment portal to quickly edit or confirm the suggested appointment. It’s that easy.

What else is new

  • Personalized service: The appointment setting tool uses algorithms to suggest appointment times that best meet customer needs based on time, hours of service, and more.
  • Easy to use: Confirm or edit appointment times in just three steps.
    1. Choose an appointment time.
    2. Choose or enter the reference number.
    3. Enter comments with anything else they want us to know.
  • Direct driver pipeline: Customers can designate reference numbers for each load so drivers can easily submit the correct number upon arrival.
  • More visibility: The appointment portal provides visibility to facility profiles, so customers can request changes to keep information up to date.

This is just one way we’re working to make goods move better every day.

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