Reimagining Digital Brokerage

Resource, Technology and Innovation

Here at U.S. Xpress, we’re reimagining our brokerage segment to further propel our mission to make goods move better every day. The new business unit, Xpress Technologies, is headed by new leadership and utilizes acquired and purposefully developed technologies to build and scale a digital freight marketplace that enhances service and enables success for carriers and shippers. 

Through carrier optimization, Xpress Technologies better supports shippers facing supply chain volatility. This system helps move goods on time and provides greater visibility into operations. At the same time, carriers are busier than ever, and Xpress Technologies delivers ease with access to consistent, equitably priced freight.

“With Xpress Technologies, we’ve made significant investments in talent and tech that will bring greater visibility, efficiency, and flexibility for shippers and carriers alike,” says U.S. Xpress President & CEO Eric Fuller.

The Xpress Technologies business unit is led by President Joel Gard. Gard comes to us from Coyote Logistics, where he was responsible for orchestrating the company’s entry into Europe, expanding its digital brokerage offering to service carriers and shippers in more than 30 countries. He’s now charged with building and strengthening the Xpress Technologies team by elevating a solid leadership foundation with new and diverse talent from within and outside the transportation industry. 

“Though our journey has just begun, we’re pleased by the insights and early momentum we’re building with our team, shippers, and carrier partners,” says Gard.

The founding of Xpress Technologies as an incubation hub for a modern freight marketplace dates to 2020, when we acquired a small technology company with a scalable platform and an experienced and talented team to integrate with its existing brokerage organization.

The success of Xpress Technologies is complementary to Variant, our new digital fleet. Variant has quickly scaled to more than 1,000 tractors and incorporated proprietary software that automates load planning and scheduling, enabling trucks to generate more revenue and drivers to take home more money. Both Variant and Xpress Technologies blend seamlessly with our established Dedicated business unit, which services major shippers and delivers operating efficiencies for the company.

What’s next for Xpress Technologies? Even more growth as we continue testing technology, getting feedback from carriers and shippers, and evolving our business model to make goods move better every day.

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