Vaccines: Taking Care of U.S.A.

Diversity and Inclusion, Our People

We’ve been hearing a lot about COVID vaccines as they’re becoming available to the broader population. Many Americans have already gotten at least one dose, and many more are planning to get vaccinated once it’s available to them. But, for various reasons, there are others who are more hesitant.

We believe the safety of our country, our family, our friends, and our neighbors relies on herd immunity, only reachable if 70%+ of people get vaccinated. We’re ready to see our friends and families again, to be able to collaborate with our colleagues in person, and to gather with our customers and vendors. And we hope each and every vaccinated person will help us get there.

Hear what President & CEO Eric Fuller had to say about it in this quick video.



It’s been a long road for everyone, but with the increased availability of vaccines, there’s light at the end of the tunnel. We’re looking forward to the day our team members and customers can all gather in person once again.

If you’re eligible in your state and have not already received the vaccine, signing up is easy. To find a convenient location administering the shot just visit


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