At U.S. Xpress, we understand the huge responsibility we have in safely transporting goods across America’s highways. As one of the nation’s largest asset-based carriers, we have the experience and resources in safety and training that many smaller trucking companies simply don’t.

We’re spotlighting a few of our industry-leading road safety practices in our new Safe Trucking Report. This report incorporates industry best practices, commentary from safety and legal experts, and consumer sentiment on topics like liability insurance minimums, hair testing for drugs, event recorders, and speed limiters.


Some highlights from the report include:

  • Insurance Minimums – U.S. Xpress has maintained insurance above the Department of Transportation (DOT)-required minimums for years to assure its drivers and those sharing the road are protected. But in such a large and fragmented industry, there are thousands of small carriers who are insuring the bare minimum.
  • Hair Testing – The gold standard for drug testing is using a hair sample to analyze prohibited substances metabolized in the body over a longer period and across a wider range of substances. U.S. Xpress requires a negative hair test result for all drivers upon hire.
  • Event Recorders – U.S. Xpress installed these small video cameras fleet-wide in 2018, which begin recording when triggered by following too closely, a hard brake, speeding, roll stability, or lane departure. Footage can help determine accident causation and assist in the training of new drivers.
  • Speed Limiters – The company’s entire fleet is equipped with this technology, which manages the speed of tractors, helping to reduce accidents and improve fuel efficiency.
  • Air Disc Brakes – U.S. Xpress was one of the first carriers in the nation to install air disc brakes on its tractors and trailers fleet-wide starting in 2016.


“Shippers entrust us with a huge responsibility and want to work with safety-conscious carriers who are true partners in their business,” said Nathan Harwell, Chief Legal Officer for U.S. Xpress. “Our customers are increasingly sophisticated and want a similarly sophisticated carrier partner.”

Click HERE to download the Safe Trucking Report. Contact us if you have questions or would like to speak to one of our safety experts on any of these important topics.

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