Meet the Team: Chief Revenue Officer Justin Harness

Our People, Shippers

Chief Revenue Officer Justin Harness has been in the trucking industry almost 20 years. Starting as a Fleet Manager at U.S. Xpress in January 2001, he started working with our drivers on the frontlines, helping with fleet operations, load planning, and customer operations.

Since 2007, Justin has been serving primarily in customer facing roles between One-way Operations and Dedicated. After becoming Chief Revenue Officer in 2018, he now leads our Sales, Customer Experience, and Pricing teams, collaborating cross functionally with Operations leaders to develop and implement solutions for our customers.

He enjoys spending time interacting with and building relationships with current and potential partners, working to understand their needs, and finding opportunities for us to deliver value to them. But his favorite thing about the industry is seeing how rapidly it’s evolving from the legacy model to one that is more sophisticated, embracing and utilizing technology to drive meaningful change.

Everyone, meet Justin:


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