Evolving Capacity Dynamics in a Volatile Marketplace

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From wild fires to pandemics, face masks to murder hornets – 2020 has been a crazy year for all of us. For many industries, it meant a huge loss in revenue, even bankruptcy or closing a business. For the trucking industry, this year has brought the opposite – the demand for truckload carriers is far outweighing the available capacity. Based on forecasts in the last few years, this issue was anything but expected.

But what’s causing the surge in freight? The lack in capacity? The industry-wide inability to meet demand? And more importantly, what’s the solution?

In the latest Delivering Ideas webinar, Evolving Capacity Dynamics in a Volatile Marketplace, U.S. Xpress President & CEO Eric Fuller joined Chief Revenue Officer Justin Harness to talk through it all. Want to check it out? Just fill out the form below.

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