AI: Disrupting Hiring to Create a Competitive Advantage

Case Study, Shippers, Technology and Innovation

Artificial Intelligence (AI) – thousands of companies across industries are implementing it in different ways to solve a number of different pain points. The trucking industry is no different, at least when it comes to U.S. Xpress.

One of the biggest issues in the industry today is a lack of capacity – namely, a lack of professional truck drivers entering or remaining in the industry. The problem itself can be chalked up to a number of different market factors.

But what about the solution? There’s not just one. We’ll need to find as many as possible. And the one we’re working with is already proving to be a great first step. Check out our case study to learn all about it.

Interested in hearing more about the causes, effects, and solutions to the industry-wide capacity crunch? Join U.S. Xpress’s President & CEO Eric Fuller and Chief Revenue Officer Justin Harness on September 22nd for the next webinar in our Delivering Ideas series, Evolving Capacity Dynamics in a Volatile Marketplace. Go ahead and register today.

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