The Future of Driving Is Here

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The trucking industry hasn’t quite made it to teleportation or flying cars, but none the less, with self-driving technology, the future is here. Up and coming autonomous trucking technology is improving the lives of drivers, increasing safety on the roads, and creating efficiencies for shippers and carriers alike. And no one’s more excited to be a part of it than U.S. Xpress.

Partnering with global autonomous trucking tech company, TuSimple, U.S. Xpress is helping shape the future of trucking. They are providing additional lanes to aid in furthering Level 4 (L4) technology learning. With access to more lanes, the technology can advance its understanding of the roads and refine its responses while driving.


“For the past two years, U.S. Xpress has worked closely with TuSimple to help define carriers’ needs for L4 trucks,” said Eric Fuller, President and Chief Executive Officer at U.S. Xpress. “We are interested in understanding how TuSimple technology can make our fleet safer and more fuel efficient as well as how it can improve the overall delivery experience for our professional drivers and customers.”



But what does that mean for drivers? Great things. L4 technology isn’t about replacing them. It’s about improving their lives as drivers, keeping them (and others) safer while they’re on the road, and helping them grow and change with the industry.

Fill out the form below to hear U.S. Xpress Chief Revenue Officer Justin Harness and TuSimple’s Robert Brown, Head of Government and Public Affairs, continue the discussion on the exciting new changes coming to the trucking industry.

Virtual Cocktail Hour - 2/25/2021


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