Why Asset-Based Brokerage?

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Been burned by brokerage in the past? You’re not alone. Many companies have run into serious issues when it comes to using brokerage services to move freight. But sometimes, particularly when arranged through an asset-based company, it can be the best option. Why? Asset-based brokerage means you’re getting:

1. Relevant Operational Experience. Asset-based carriers have experience shipping mass amounts of freight every day. Even if they don’t have a truck in your area, their expertise will shine through their brokerage arm, so you can be confident your delivery will be in good hands.

2. Flexible and efficient service. The more carriers an asset-based brokerage company has in their network, the more flexible services they can offer. For example, if they don’t have one of their own assets available in your area, assuming they partner with a substantial number of additional carriers, they can likely find someone who does. That means no waiting around, getting your freight wherever it needs to go as quickly and efficiently as possible.

3. One point of contact. Dealing with disparate transportation companies can be time consuming and inefficient. Partnering with an asset company that is backed by a brokerage means you don’t have to deal with the headache of managing a mass portfolio of companies yourself, giving you one point of contact so you can focus on what you do best.

4. Agile and creative service. Many asset-based companies are familiar with services beyond just dry-van. That means they’re able to manage brokerage relationships with companies offering flatbed, refrigerated, and other special services your business may require. Also, they may be able to create innovative solutions that mixes the best of both offerings & better services your supply chain – combining their trailer equipment with brokerage capacity as an example.

5. The highest standard service. Whether you use their assets regularly or not, asset-based carriers have a reputation to uphold. They want to prove to you that they are trustworthy, efficient, and easy to work with, so you’ll consider using their assets, if not their brokerage services, on a more regular basis.

Particularly when it comes to logistics, sticking with what you know can seem like the easiest route to take. But often, utilizing brokerage services from asset-based companies can mean moving your freight faster, more efficiently, and in some cases, even more safely. At the very least, its an avenue worth exploring.

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