Safety is our every day focus.

At US Xpress, our commitment to safety and sustainability goes far deeper than words. Long before the FMCSA’s Compliance Safety Accountability (CSA), we were investing millions of dollars to ensure our equipment was among the safest on the road. Furthermore, our green initiatives have generated measurable results that earned awards from the EPA and even the Smithsonian Institution. Taken together, our safety and sustainability efforts clearly demonstrate where our corporate priorities truly lie.


Traction & Stability Control

Collision Avoidance Systems

Text-to-Speech Communications

In-Cab Safety Training Videos

State-of-the Art Braking Technology

The Most Important Aspect Of Service

U.S. Xpress was founded on the cornerstone concept that safety and service always work hand in hand. They are engines of equal horsepower that stand behind the success of our drivers and our company. In today’s world, excellent service demands that our drivers and the people supporting our drivers never take their collective eyes away from following the proper safe driving practices and taking the appropriate cargo security measures.

Over the years, we have continually worked to make the trucks at U.S. Xpress the standard for driver comfort and safety. The technology aboard our trucks has been placed there because we want our drivers to focus on the job at hand – keeping themselves and our customers’ cargo safe. Without the proper respect for safety, it is impossible to achieve the levels of service excellence that our drivers have established for U.S. Xpress.

Drivers Appreciate Our Safety-First Approach.

A safety-first mentality permeates our company at every level. That not only means training our drivers to make safe choices, it means backing them 100% every time they do. Click to hear how much that means to our drivers.