Protecting What Matters Most.

At US Xpress, our commitment to safety and sustainability goes far deeper than words. Long before the FMCSA’s Compliance Safety Accountability (CSA), we were investing millions of dollars to ensure our equipment was among the safest on the road. Furthermore, our green initiatives have generated measurable results that earned awards from the EPA and even the Smithsonian Institution. Taken together, our safety and sustainability efforts clearly demonstrate where our corporate priorities truly lie.

Thinking Green is smart business.

Being a good steward of the environment is the right thing to do. When approached the right way, it also makes great business sense. As US Xpress innovates new ways to reduce our consumption of resources, we are simultaneously lowering costs and increasing efficiencies for our customers.

Saving resources on the road.

Solutions-oriented thinking combined with the latest in computer simulation research has enabled us to reduce our carbon footprint through imaginative truck alterations, including:

Fuel efficient tires

Aerodynamic mud flaps

Engine controller based fuel incentive program

Road speed limit policies

True GPS dual-mode satellite communications system

Proud Winner of 2 SmartWaySM Environmental Excellence Awards.

The SmartWay program is a visionary collaboration between the Environmental Protection Agency and the freight sector designed to improve energy efficiency and reduce greenhouse gas & air pollutant emissions. Each year, the EPA recognizes its very best Carrier Partners for their “commitment to an efficient and environmentally responsible freight transportation supply chain.” US Xpress has now won this prestigious honor twice. In fact, we’ve achieved some of the best results in the program. In the process, our leadership has helped demonstrate that it is possible to offer highly competitive freight solutions, while also placing an unwavering emphasis on environmental integrity.