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If you operate your own business, you know the challenges that come with it everyday. What if you could reduce the hassle, stress, and financial pressure by partnering with one of North America’s largest trucking companies, while still maintaining your own identity? US Xpress offers a partnership that can make it happen.

Peace of Mind

Let’s face it, it’s difficult to excel in every area—safety, driver recruitment, sales and marketing, pricing, operations, managing receivables, truck servicing and maintenance, etc. The pressure of staying on top of basic requirements can be daunting; and investing in state-of-the-art technology, out of reach. Partnering with US Xpress simplifies your need with a reliable and economic solution, giving you the peace of mind and technology to expand your business.

Reduce Your Costs.

US Xpress can save you from a lot of sleepless nights. And that’s just for starters. Here are just a few of the cost-saving advantages of being a US Xpress fleet agent:

Liability and cargo insurance is provided

No trailer maintenance—in fact, you can increase your cash flow by selling your trailers

Discounts on everything from fuel to tires to maintenance

Potential savings in overhead and back office costs like P&L reporting and billing

Leverage Advanced Technology and Tools.

Access state-of-the-art planning, dispatch, and other systems software

Access our exclusive network and pricing tools

Access brokerage software and hundreds of pre-approved carriers

Utilize DriverTech™ in-cab communication technology

Operational Support

When you partner with US Xpress, we help you manage your business by giving you access to a virtually endless reporting system. See the numbers and make wise decisions based on revenue per truck, fleet deadhead percentage, and total rate per mile. We also provide training and suggestions on how to fine-tune your pricing and operational structure and processes.

Portfolio of Proven Programs

Unlike some of our competitors with power-only programs, we share freight opportunities with you, allowing you to request freight for your trucks and tender freight to us in return. Also, if you’d like to grow your fleet but can’t make the capital investment right now, we offer a lease/purchase program. And if you need to sell your trailers or would like to purchase base plates, we’re your resource for sales and acquisitions.

No Factoring = No Waiting for Payments

Factoring is bad for business. Your business. That’s why we have a strict no-factoring policy. As a US Xpress fleet agent, your payments come right away with weekly settlements and direct deposits at no extra charge. So you’ll improve your cash flow and even save some money.

Mandatory ELDs. You’re Covered With Us.

Federal regulations require Electronic Logging Devices in all trucks now. Installation can be expensive, and experts estimate the transition could reduce your miles per truck by 5-10%. If you don’t comply, you may lose your insurance and face possible fines. By becoming a US Xpress fleet agent, you can skip the hassle and let us deal with the expense. We’ll provide the equipment and installation, plus we’ll show you how to significantly reduce the impact to your fleet’s miles per truck.

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