A Call for Industry-Wide Change

Diversity and Inclusion, Our People, Resource

U.S. Xpress President and CEO Eric Fuller recently wrote a viewpoint piece for FreightWaves about the importance of diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace. He challenges the U.S. Xpress family of companies and the whole trucking industry, to act, proposing that competing in a global economy depends on it.

He says, “The existing divisive rhetoric around diversity and inclusion within the trucking industry could significantly impact the growth and transformation of U.S. Xpress and our entire industry. This change won’t be easy and will take uncomfortable conversations and challenging opinions of the past. We should face the fact that our industry is behind others and needs to play catch-up. We’re often diverse in front-line and entry-level positions; however, we have very little diversity at the management, executive, and board levels.”

Read the rest of Eric’s commentary in this feature from FreightWaves.

Also, be sure to join us on Tuesday, June 29th at 2:00 p.m. ET. for our next Delivering Ideas webinar, Diversity & Inclusion: Creating a Workplace for Everyone. Procter & Gamble VP of North America Market Operations and Global Logistics Purchases Michelle Eggers, an expert with decades of experience in workplace diversity, will join Eric Fuller and U.S. Xpress VP of Regional Sales Brandon Bibbs to talk through ways of creating, cultivating, and improving diversity and inclusion within your business. Register today.

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