Vice President of Customer Experience Julie Van de Kamp grew up around the transportation industry, watching and learning from her dad and other family members. In her college years, she interned for a trucking company in a variety of different departments, including the Wisconsin Department of Transportation.

And now she’s been with U.S. Xpress for 13 years. Though she has worked as part of both our Pricing and Brokerage teams, she is now a vital part of the company, leading the Customer Experience team as Vice President of Customer Experience. In March, she was even named one of the 2020 Top Women to Watch in Transportation by the Women in Trucking Association (WIT) for her career dedication and accomplishments.

There are a lot of things Julie loves about this industry – its essentiality to our way of life and economy, the fast-paced nature of it all, the need for creativity and strategic problem solving, and the ever-changing dynamics across the industry. The way she sees it, when it comes to trucking, there’s never dull moment.

In her words, “There’s a grit that comes with working in trucking and I think that, along with the hard work ethic it requires, makes it fun. Balancing that grit and determination with efficiency and innovation make U.S. Xpress such a fun place to work and I never take that for granted.”

Ladies and gentlemen, meet Julie Van de Kamp: