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Imagine moving freight from Toronto to Mexico City without ever changing trailers. Now you can, with US Xpress International Services. Our International Services is a same-trailer solution so seamless, it makes shipping freight across the continent feel like a drive across town. We have the tools and expertise to ensure your shipments arrive safely and on time at hundreds of destinations across North America. So if you’re tired of struggling to move international freight, contact us to see just how easy it can be.

Mexico: Hóla, convenience.

When you ship with US Xpress to Mexico you’ll enjoy seamless, same-trailer convenience whichever direction your freight is heading – south of the border. We’re one of only a handful of US motor carriers that run a Mexican based truck load carrier. For most companies, moving freight across the Mexican border is full of delays and frustrations. We’ve been there too. That’s why we own a controlling interest in a reliable Mexico-based partner – Xpress Internacional – to ensure we have more control of freight than our competition. Because of this unique partnership you can rest easy knowing your shipments are safe, secure and on time.


US Xpress provides coverage to all major shipping destinations throughout the country, with an accessible Mexico terminal network. Our border-crossing service uses the most modern tracking available including:

Single point of contact

Tracking and tracing of trucks and trailers

High-value cargo expertise

Safe and secure transit and border crossing

E-mail updates

C-TPAT, BASC and FAST certified

The newest trucks

Hello, revolutionary reliability.

Imagine shipping your freight across the border to anywhere from Nova Scotia to British Columbia as confidently as you would anywhere from the District of Columbia to California. That’s the idea behind US Xpress’ revolutionary “both sides” approach to Canada shipments. Through our partnerships with carefully vetted Canadian asset carriers, we’ve created an international resource that lives up to the rigorous reliability standards of US Xpress. Plus, this dynamic freight solution offers ample capacity to handle your largest shipments, and quick-thinking solutions experts on both sides of the border to ensure everything runs smoothly. So no matter if your goods are on Canadian soil or U.S. soil, you’ll know your freight is in very good hands.

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