Information Technology

At U.S. Xpress, information technology improves the way we do business and is designed to help provide more efficient and cost-effective service. Our advanced technologies play a key role in improving the accuracy of shipping data, the speed with which we can share information, as well as the safety of our drivers. Better yet, these benefits offer our customers a competitive advantage.

Information Technology That Makes a Difference.

U.S. Xpress has been innovative in the development of business intelligence, data integration and data management technologies that help to streamline our operations while reducing our carbon footprint.

Recently, we launched an enterprise-wide data quality program, based on the Informatica Platform, to help drive business process improvement. This new platform is used to standardize data and increase its accuracy and reliability. One of our first efforts involved getting a better picture of vehicle movements to reduce costly truck idle time. Armed with this data, U.S. Xpress has reduced fuel consumption, helping us provide competitive prices to our customers as well as support our environmental commitments.

Optimization Engines and Asset Management Technologies Enhance Customer Service

U.S. Xpress employs a number of advanced technologies that help us deliver the service that matters to our customers. These technologies allow us to:

  • Track truck maintenance and parts management, keeping our trucks in top shape for reliable, safe service
  • Interface with operations and our dispatch system, ensuring your freight is delivered where and when it’s needed
  • Optimize our load planning, network design and route planning, helping us maintain cost-effective service

Real-Time Track and Trace System Offers Important Visibility

With our secure online tool Xact Access, we are able to provide our customers with the ability to track their shipments, obtaining information in real-time. This track and trace system also allows our customers to:

  • Manage PODs
  • Set alerts
  • Get quotes
  • See their rail schedule
  • View load summaries
  • Check distances
  • View weather in specified locations
  • Review past bills and proof of delivery

Xact Access also supports a ‘quick trace,’ which allows our customers to identify critical shipments and continually trace them without having to search the system each time they return.

Other information technology innovations include:

Mobile Communications

Robust technology helps our drivers stay in touch and deliver your freight reliably and safely. Our mobile communications technology offers features such as:

  • Real-time notifications including arrival and departure from customer locations
  • In-cab navigation, including route and location monitoring
  • Text-to-speech support that keeps drivers focused on the road ahead

EDI/B2B Technology

U.S. Xpress offers Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) capabilities. We maintain a highly advanced EDI system, as well as load optimization, and a versatile document imaging system. We also offer custom IT services that integrate with a customer’s existing TMS system.

All of the electronic platforms at U.S. Xpress work as integrated systems, allowing a free flow of information between our team of professionals and our customers.

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Fast Facts

U.S. Xpress offers the following I.T. solutions for your business

  • Truck stop & service center scanning
  • EDI capabilities
  • Mobile communications with in-cab navigation
  • RFID usage for trailers and tractors
  • CRM for a better understanding of customer needs and wants

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